Top-class dedicated vehicles

We specialise in providing dedicated vehicles to deliver and collect goods which require direct delivery, a whole van load, and specialist delivery requirements together with out-of-hours or timed deliveries.

This service can also include a waiting element if our customer requires the driver to wait and return or any other type of service which a typical overnight delivery would not be able to successfully carry out.

This service offers the customer added security, particularly with high value and sensitive items.

There can be significant benefits to offering complete flexibility, by offering fully trained drivers, and executing exact deliver instructions. There can be many situations of complex deliveries which needs dedicated vehicle service and this is one of our specialities.

Once again we emphasise that this can be fully tailored to our customers’ needs and is implemented in a fully integrated seamless process. We can offer a complete turnkey service which is planned and organised with the full understanding of your needs, and providing our experience in logistics and transport services. This team approach will deliver results, enhance our customers’ reputation in their market and potentially play a role in improving profits and margins.

Our free advice or consultancy service complements the service and offers a wealth of experience and innovation.

The perfect logistics solutions:

  • Larger consignments
  • Awkward sizes and shapes
  • Delicate, high value items
  • Outside normal delivery hours
  • Full van loads for maximising value from a vehicle dedicated to the service required
  • Timed deliveries and collections
  • Swap out ( parts or equipment )
  • Installations or set up ( i.e. Exhibitions )

Price for these services will be quoted for once the details have been evaluated. All enquiries welcomed.

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